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| you can help | Sunday, 14 September 2008

To continue in our efforts to help pet owners we have established a new home on the web at

We have also moved our ning social network to and twitter address to

Please contact us with any questions, suggestions or feedback at

Animal Evacuation Was A Priority During Hurricane Gustav

| Uncategorized | Tuesday, 02 September 2008

The Weather Channel’s Mike Bettes shows us how pets are a priority for evacuations in New Orleans for Hurricane Gustav. Pets were a big reason why many didn’t evacuate during Katrina.

Some pet rescue needs – update!

| Uncategorized | Tuesday, 02 September 2008

A post from Twitter @MarinaMartin

| How You Can Help Gustav Pets | Monday, 01 September 2008

Send #Gustav pet help requests via SMS, publicly searchable:

– please pass along?

No-kill shelter Operation Kindness needs your help!

| you can help | Monday, 01 September 2008

Of course if you are not in their area, please mail any items on their list to:

Operation Kindness, No-Kill Shelter
3201 Earhart Drive
Carrollton,Texas 75006

Here is the support request we sent out yesterday.

“Greetings to all:
We are very lucky to be spared hurricane weather, however the southern states are not as fortunate.  We would like to help the animal evacuees, but in order to do this we need your help.
Supplies needed:

    Blankets /beds
    slip chains/leashes
    bowls (food & water)
    crates of all sizes
    cat & dog food
    cat litter/litter boxes
    cat & dog formula
    paper towels
    flea & tick preventative (no flea collars please)

You may drop these items off at the shelter anytime within the next few days.
Thank you for your help.”

Please let me know if you need anything from us! Thank you for including us!

Melody Boulay
Communications and Development
Operation Kindness, No-Kill Shelter
3201 Earhart Drive
Carrollton,Texas 75006
972.418.PAWS ext 238
214.587.0930 Cell
Be part of the solution, please Spay/Neuter your pets!

Sept. 1 news on pet rescue efforts!

| Gustav pet news | Monday, 01 September 2008

This was in the comments section but it’s so useful I didn’t want anyone to miss it!!!!

  • Noah’s Wish is helping at Shreveport and Covington. Shelter animals in Slidell have been moved to Jackson, MS. See below for updates; they are an organization that does a fantastic job in disasters. Assn of Kennel Clubs is also helping: here is update from their President
    I only have a minute but I thought I would update you on the storms that are
    ASSOCIATION KENNEL CLUBS volunteers have been in New Orleans since Tuesday. We were
    all getting together with other organizations for a planned remembrance of
    the anniversary of Katrina. Instead we began preparations for Gustav, which
    is an IMMEDIATE THREAT! Through the joint efforts of volunteers organized by
    myself along with other volunteers, shelter personnel, AKC employees and
    those from Mutt Shack and other groups, all three parish shelters have been
    evacuated to several areas of our country. 208 animals arrived here in Panama
    City, Florida this morning. Other animals are in Safe locations in LA, GA TX
    and FL.
    Supplies are coming in from FAKC, Petsmart, and AKC CAR. FAKC have been
    coordinating and making the arrangements for the work being done there by many
    groups. People who have animals have been and are being evacuated for the
    last two days to Pet friendly shelters in La. Other people and their pets are
    being flown or bused to other areas of our country. At the moment our
    volunteers are in Algiers, LA moving 40 owned dogs. When they finish there they have
    several ponies to trailer and get out. I have URGED them to evacuate
    themselves NOW because most of the pre disaster work has been completed. They will
    return to New Orleans after the storm passes to deal with whatever animals are
    found to have been left behind by their owners.
    We have received assistance and shelter help from TN, GA, MS, OK, AR, FL & TX.
    We now also have to gear up for Hanna and we don’t know where she is really
    going yet. Fay has left Florida seriously flooded. Most seriously hit
    areas are Volusia , Seminole and Brevard counties with the St. Johns river still
    overflowing and nowhere for the water to go. Because of the rain bands from
    these storms the water still keeps rising. Point of information: the St. Johns
    river flows South to North so–all the water from south Fl. flows here and
    overflows in the Sanford, Debary areas. ( Lake Monroe)

    I am more than sure that after these storms go through we will need supplies
    and volunteers but so far things are much better then when KATRINA happened
    three years ago. At least this time we have moved most of the animals out of
    harms way. If there is anyone who knows of someone who is still in need of
    assistance please call me at 800-597-2987. ” Diana Albers is the President.

  • Comment by Ginger Kenney — September 1, 2008 @ 3:20 am

link to Baton Rouge organization

| you can help | Monday, 01 September 2008

Capital Area Animal Welfare Society in Baton Rouge

Links to a few Gustav Pet Rescue stories

| links | Sunday, 31 August 2008

Gustav Pet Rescue stories:

Let’s hear it for the animal rescue groups who are working to ensure that THIS never happens again!


| Uncategorized | Sunday, 31 August 2008

Consider pet-friendly hotels, family, friends and boarding facilities outside of the danger area. Pet-friendly hotels can be found by visiting two Web sites — and Those without a computer can visit a local library or the Louisiana SPCA.

over 350 people have joined gustav ning group

| Uncategorized | Sunday, 31 August 2008

Added to Gustav social network homepage: Weatherbug map widget, craigslist widget, updated tweet widget.